Brooklyn War Memorial, 20th Feb 2010. 5.30am

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Ashleigh and Mel Beirne

MEL SAYS -    " It was a really special day, it was so exciting to get up that early, to meet all our friends down at the war memorial. Just being there together, young and old, and as the sun came up, it was a special time, and it was nice that everyone realised the importance of what that statue means.

" I think what was even more special was that is wasn’t just the kids and parents, it was the veterans, the women as well as the men, That was really interesting to my children, they wanted to know if the women had been in the war.

 " When we got home there was lots of talk about Anzac Day and what that’s about, and some of the parents have actually said to me that this year they’re going to take their children to the Dawn Service, because the kids just responded so well to being part of that. "

TOM SAYS -    " This is my first glimpse into the arts and intricacies of film-making and I was quite intrigued, especially as we had to do it all at dawn – like being shot at dawn! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Torchlight assembly at the memorial park, marching down with the children and adults, the dawn breaking and the film lights and the young cadets on guard, it was quite a moving experience. 

" I thought the children were very well behaved, I thought they were fascinated, especially with the guards and the guns and the lights, and also because the names on that statue, obviously they’re from Brooklyn, and the children, some of them have got memories of them, I thought they behaved admirably. 

Tom Parker - President Brooklyn RSA                           


Brooklyn RSA, 19th Feb 2010, 9.30pm

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        Lawrie recites Ode


TOM SAYS - " In my position I recite the Ode several times a year, so it’s second nature to me, but for the other three, they had to struggle. I was quite moved  by the fact they got it right, they put their heart and soul into it and got it right. And they were so pleased that they got it right, you know, it was a great experience. "


KAIAPOI WMC, 26th Feb 2010, 7.30pm

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LISA SAYS -    " For me personally it’s quite an exciting  thing, my grandfather was a Gallipoli vet  and so I’ve got a personal connection with remembrance going on. So for me personally it’s about keeping that true.

" I’ve enjoyed working on a project that’s not commercially driven, this particular project  is one man’s personal response to something that he’s seen in life, And another man has picked up on that. Both of them are creators and wanted to do something with it, and for me that’s been really enjoyable.

" The new video is great, it’s really great. The imagery mix of old and live is very interesting to me because you do get the reflection on the vet’s faces, it’s a real experience for them, they can recall memories really easily, it’s not an acting role. I found that quite moving. "

Lisa Ellingham - Anzac Projects Manager RNZ RSA

Dr Stephen Clarke, CEO, RNZ RSA  

I think the video’s brilliant, it shows that story of an Anzac Day, waking up early, this is the day when young generations sacrifice a sleep-in, it’s a symbolic sacrifice. And the coming together of families around their veterans and we see that in the video. 

" It’s a really great song, with great emotional triggers in the video.  And it’s something a bit different, we’ve had lots of ballads around Anzac Day but this is a real hard-hitting rock song that really captures it for a new generation. "

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