Singer / Songwriter

Well-known on the Australian country-rock scene, Sydney-based Luke has released three successful albums of his own songs. Many of these are with his Kiwi collaborator Phil Doublet and their group "Medicine Wheel", others are in Luke’s gentler guitar and vocal style.

“Ragged Bloody Heroes” was a feature track on Luke’s second CD and  the accompanying video, by Aussie Director Rachel Dunn, received much attention and acclaim when it premiered on Australian CMC – Country Music Channel.

After ten years of waltzing his Matilda all over the world, busking on street corners and playing in dingy Irish Pubs, in 2002, Luke O’Shea returned home to establish his own band ‘Medicine Wheel’. With their first single "No Day Like Today" they were signed to ABC/Universal Music and were finalists in the 2003 Golden Guitars and Industry Mo Awards.

With a string of number one and top ten singles on national radio and Foxtels Country Music Channel, Luke O’Shea and Medicine Wheel have been four times finalists in the Australia wide Music Oz Awards as well as the Independent TIARAS winning ‘Best Band’ in 2007. With the release of their second album ‘Listen to the Words’, they were up for Best Australian Independent Band/Duo and Best Australian Independent Album of the year.

With ten songs and four videos from the last two albums being featured on over twenty different major compilations, Luke O’Shea has well and truly cemented his name and reputation as a high quality professional within the Australian Country Music scene. In 2007 he was selected to perform at the Australian Music Festival in Nashville and was signed to the publishing giant Aristo Media/ Goodland Group who represent such artists as Toby Keith and Shania Twain.

Luke's third album, the aptly titled "Prodigal Son", was released at the 2009 Tamworth Country Music festival

“ Luke is a talent we need in this country not only for his music but for his understanding and vision”
  Peter Clarke, Country Update, Nov 08.



PAUL DAVIDSON BE(Elect) MA(Hons)MediaProduction DipPhotog
Producer / Director / Editor

An experienced documentary maker on a wide variety of subjects, Paul works in both Australia and New Zealand from his base in Marlborough.  His work includes documentaries “The Final Flight”, “Once Were Whalers’, “Giving It All  Away”, “The Psych Story”, “Mining Women” and music videos “The Biggest Love” and “Rainha Vermelha” plus many hundreds of other varied productions.

Paul is a former President of Marlborough Historical Society and shares Luke’s interest in telling stories of yesterday in  the media of today. He has spent much of the past two years in Brisbane where he is completing a doctorate in documentary at Griffith University.

Paul says “I heard Luke sing "Ragged Bloody Heroes" at the Caboolture Music Festival and was hugely impressed by both the song and the message. I could certainly see the potential for a New Zealand version."

Paul has attended Anzac services in both countries, and feels that despite our traditional rivalry, we shouldn’t forget the work we’ve done  together and the sacrifices we’ve shared. “Ragged Bloody Heroes” celebrates that brotherhood in a Trans-Tasman collaboration for which Paul thinks the time has come.

“Just a few weeks ago Anna Bligh, the Queensland Premier, caused a stir by suggesting that the New Zealand national anthem be sung at Australian Anzac Day services – and vice versa.   “I think it’s a great idea” says Paul, who  hopes his new video will help encourage that mutual respect. - and carry the Anzac message to the MTV generation.


Research / Design / Production Management

Principal of Aspire Design and Synergy Therapy in Wellington, Barbara brings her special design style and woman’s perspective to the project. She hasa wide knowledge and experience in visual media, communication graphics, narrative style and the human condition, and brings these skills to archival research and production design on the RBH project.

Barbara is currently completing a post-graduate design diploma at Massey University, specialising in the disciplines of graphic design and video media.

Barbara says -  " This project has become a terrific community collaboration by the people of Brooklyn, an echo of the same spirit that communities throughout New Zealand banded together to send young local men off overseas, support wives and families left behind, then subscribe to and build a war memorial to remind us of the power of peace and reconciliation - lest we forget!

" I have been moved by the willingness of the RSA, the local veterans and all our volunteer cast to support the video concept and production. Getting up early to re-enact a dawn service has inspired a local community, particularly the young children, who have no direct experience of wartime or connection with the beautiful Brooklyn memorial, right on their doorsteps.

" The stories that the veterans shared with the families and filmcrew, as we spent time together, have been heart-warming and inspirational  to us all."


Ragged Bloody Heroes

    H O M E           T H E   S O N G            T H E    V I D E O           T H E    P E O P L E            T H E    S H O O T         B A C K G R O U N D        C O N T A C T  U S