Ragged Bloody Heroes


"Ragged Bloody Heroes" is a song by Australian singer / songwriter LUKE O'SHEA.  It's a country / rock number honouring the military personnel of past wars and celebrating the ANZAC tradition in a the modern style of a contemporary rock anthem.

Luke first recorded the song with Christchurch guitarist PHIL DOUBLET and their group MEDICINE WHEEL in 2007 as a feature track on their album "Listen to the Words".

In 2009 New Zealand film maker PAUL DAVIDSON heard Luke perform the song at the Caboolture Music Festival and saw the potential for a Kiwi version. 

Phil and Luke

Luke re-recorded the song with some minor changes to the lyrics while Paul called in Kiwi war veterans, Brooklyn schoolchildren and film industry colleagues to help him put together a beautiful new videoclip.

The New Zealand RSA (Returned and Services Association) saw the opportunity to promote the ANZAC message in a new way and supported the project with planning, resources and funding assistance.

The new Kiwi version of "Ragged Bloody Heroes"  again celebrates the ANZAC tradition in a special and striking manner –  from a distinctly New Zealand perspective. It tells an old story in a new way, a contemporary celebration of our Armed Forces heritage - perfect for a young media-savvy MTV generation.      

     MO R E   A B O U T   L U K E   

Dr Stephen Clarke, Chief Executive, RNZ RSA                

 " The RSA has been the guardian of remembrance since it’s founding, and today it’s the same message of remembrance but  today it’s about new ways of explaining that, of giving a context for remembrance, so a rock video seemed just the perfect vehicle for the MTV generation.

" It was really easy to promote the video concept to the National Executive, it’s a great song and the video captures what’s happening each Anzac Day, young and old coming together to remember. So the Exec is looking at new ways for the organization to be relevant, and in the remembrance area a rock video seemed definitely the way to go. "

     R S A    


 Vet, Luke, Medicine Wheel

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